Special Guests

Famous Cosplay, art, and design talent representing a variety of creations appearing at FreeCon

VerglasPrince Props & Design

VerglasPrince is a cosplayer that strives to break boundaries that are put in his way. He has many awards from Judges Choice to Best in Show. He represented the USA in 2016 in the Clara Cow Cosplay Cup in the Netherlands. He is known for his cosplays as Disney Villains and his panels about diversity and body positivity! Check out his Facebook.

Gilded Moon

Gilded Moon started off small when she started cosplaying about seven years ago, working with basic materials and utilizing the most out of her local thrift stores. Now she performs in and creates costumes for shows, challenging herself on each project to do something different than before or to perfect techniques. She loves traveling with her knowledge and sharing it with others as it opens up a conversation with panel attendees and panelists for mutual shared knowledge. Check out her Facebook.


Rumitto is a Florida based cosplayer who has been cosplaying and crafting since about 2014. An active member of the PoC cosplay community, they have run panels in the past on race, cosplay, and inclusiveness. When not working on cosplay, they can be found crying about Kingdom Hearts. Check out their Instagram.


Fudgie is an award winning cosplayer, she has won best in shows, craftsmanship awards, and competed internationally. She is vocal about issues in the cosplay world and is always willing to help a fellow cosplayer that needs advice with a costume, wig, sewing techniques and etc. When you see her, don't be afraid to speak, she loves meeting new people! Check out her Facebook.


Mystori is a Florida based cosplayers who got her start in 2011. She has cosplayed from various genres like video games and anime. Her list of costumes include Ariel from Disney's The Little Mermaid, One Piece's Nico Robin, Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail, Final Fantasy's Tifa Lockhart and Mortal Kombat's Mileena. When she's not procrastinating over costumes you can often find Mystori raging on her YouTube gaming channel as she battles the unknown. Check out her Facebook.