9/28 Regular Meeting: Fate/Zero - Union 311B - 7:00pm

Deals on Anime Goods

» Pre-Owned Goods at Anime Nation
Anime Nation has an assortment of pre-owned merchandise for very reasonable prices.

» Right Stuf's Bargain Bin
Right Stuf has a large selection of marked-down products.

» Right Stuf's Closeout Items
Right Stuf also offers good bargains on closeout and clearance items.

» Amazon.com
When all else fails you could try to find your item from an Amazon.com seller.

Anime Links

» AnimeNfo.Com
Anime and Manga online database with a search engine, general information, genre, japanese studios, US distribution, cast and characters.

» Anime Nation
The Anime Store! Over 150 MILLION page views in the past year!

» Anime News Network
Serving the Internet with daily anime news, columns, tons of reviews and a whole lot more!

» Anime South
Recently established convention held in November, they've already made a name for themselves in the three years they've been around.

» Anime Weekend Atlanta
An annual convention held in September that JACT has been to for many years, arguably the best in the South.

» Cosmic Cat Comics
Local comic shop specializing in anime and roleplaying games...

» Japanese Animation Club of Orlando
Our sister club based on the Campus of the University of Central Florida with meets every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month

» Right Stuf International
Right Stuf International is an anime publisher and online anime super store, carrying a wide range of anime merchandise. Look for the weekly discounts and a special bargin bin on their site!

» Wasabi Anime
A fan convention production group dating back to 2001. As of the end of 2006, they have hosted dozens of events for over 24 conventions in Florida including the insanely popular Wasabi Animusical.

» Fate RPG(Nasuverse) This is a preview of the first seven chapters.
This is Claude Smith's own complete tabletop rpg for Fate Stay Night, and Tsukihime. It also functions as a very good guide to these settings. The game setting is dark, and there is definitely some suggestive art there, so this link would be PG-13. This is an organic project, so material is added and revised when the author has time.

» MAID Guide
This is a guide to Maid fashion as it appears in Japan. This is of great use if you want to roleplay a Maid in a historical RPG or even in an anime setting such as the MAID Rpg.


There are many sites online which you can use to read reviews of anime products. Taste is subjective so I can not say you will agree or disagree with any of these.

   Slashdot's own anime review service, where people submit reviews of their own shows.

  Formerly Anime on DVD. They have now expanded their coverage of media to include non-anime products while continuing to review anime.

The Anime Review.
   A good source of reviews by a devoted fan of anime.

Them Anime.
  A long list of reviews for anime programs.

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