9/28 Regular Meeting: Fate/Zero - Union 311B - 7:00pm
Freqently Asked Questions

What is JACT?
The Japanese Animation Club of Tallahassee (better known as JACT) has been a recognized student organization at Florida State University since 1996. The club is best known for its general meetings as well as traveling to conventions together each year. JACT also runs a free convention in the spring known as FreeCon. The convention is currently in its 8th year. The club is funded by the Student Activities Center/Student Government Association.

How do I join?
There is no need to formally join JACT, all you need to do is show up and participate. We typically have weekly meetings on Saturdays, as well as the occasional Friday Mix Meeting. We encourage you to join our mailing list. It is the best source for club news, meeting information, and other important club info. Just email us at jact.fsu@gmail.com and say "I WANT TO BE ON THE MAILING LIST!"

Iím not an FSU student, can I still come to the meetings?
Yes, the general public is welcome to our meetings. Some of our members have been attending meetings since they were in high school. There is no age requirement for the meetings, but it is suggested to be at least 14+. The more, the merrier.

Where is the office located?
Our office is in the Student Union of Florida State University on the third floor in the Student Activities Center, suite 305D.

What happens at general meetings?
At our meetings we watch one episode of each of our 3 regular series, as well as a feature which is either a full length film or a few episodes of a new series.

What are Mix Meetings?
Mix Meetings are located in the Mix Theatre which is located on the second floor of the FSU Film School, directly across from University Center A (located at the football stadium). We usually watch a feature film or an OVA at these meetings.

Where is the best parking for mix meetings?
There is limited parking right outside the Mix Theatre, but more parking can be found surrounding the football stadium.

How do I become involved in FreeCon?
For general involvement in FreeCon, please send an e-mail to fsu.freecon@gmail.com. More details on becoming involved with FreeCon will be available soon.

Want updates on upcoming events?
Well what are you waiting for?

Send an e-mail to jact.fsu@gmail.com
Put "I want to be on the mailing list!" in the subject line!

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