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Meet Freecon 14's Cyberpunk Mascot Charaters!

Chispa and Ceylon live in a studio apartment in the world’s largest city of 25th century. The majority of the land is a junkyard, and what isn’t covered in junk is rundown and overgrown. Outside of the rich neighborhoods at the center of the city, the community stays alive through music, invention, and willpower, and Ceylon and Chispa exemplify all three.


5'11" • Nonbinary • Renegade Cyber-Retaliant

Ceylon is everyone’s favorite sarcastic badass. They belong to the largest anarchist group in the city and they are fearless. They tend to keep talking to a minimum, but that’s okay because Chispa talks enough for the both of them! Ceylon manages the books for Chispa’s business and has a collection of antique books at home. They can be aloof and lazy, but they always have Chispa to keep them on their toes. Ceylon is level headed, light hearted, and patient and they are ready to make the world a better place.


5'9" • Woman • Intuitive Retro-Techneticist

Chispa is a bubbly free spirit with a mind for building. She can make anything out of the materials in the local junkyard, and sells many of her creations through her online business. When she doesn’t have orders to fill, Ceylon is always ready with a new design idea for her. Chispa loves to try new things and sees every day as a new adventure. She can be scatterbrained and reckless but she always has Ceylon there to keep her feet on the ground-figuratively, at least. Chispa is sexy, sassy, and smart, and she is taking on the world.

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What's in Your Pants?

“So, are you a boy or a girl?” the stranger asked, leaning in to get a closer look at Ceylon’s face, even though half of it was covered by their jacket. Chispa stopped and watched.
“Neither.” They said calmly. This was normal to deal with. Even though it was accepted officially there were still a lot of people who refused to understand.
“Yeah, but which way do you lean? I mean, all nons do, even if they’re too indecisive to stick to it.”
“I don’t.” Once again the picture of calm. Chispa was getting impatient.there were piles of scrap to search and here she was waiting.
“Okay,” the stranger said and huffed, obviously flustered, “But what’s in your pants?”
“Well, it isn’t a raccoon if that’s what you’re asking,” Ceylon responded, their face straight, though a smile was forming behind their jacket. Chispa lost it and was on the ground in fits of laughter almost immediately. Racoons had somehow been removed from the city about five years ago, and then were banned from the city on top of that. Somehow this ban worked and there hadn’t been a raccoon sighting since. Even the officials weren’t sure how it worked, but it was now a running joke among everyone.
The old lady’s eyes kept darting to Ceylon as Chispa counted up the bills for her order. “So, sweetie… are you a boy or a girl?” Ceylon looked up and blinked, wide-eyed.
“Neither,” Chispa muttered, concentrating on getting all of the lady’s information down so she could check in and make sure her invention was still working within the next few weeks.
“But…what’s in your pants?” she asked Ceylon, ignoring Chispa.
Ceylon blinked, and in an unexpected turn of events pulled the device the woman had ordered- a method of warning her if her windows or doors opened in the shape of a metal blue jay- from their pants. Chispa had even gone through the effort of crafting feathers and fastening them to the device, “Your order, of course.” The old lady looked appalled, but Ceylon’s shoulders were shaking with slight laughter, and Chispa hid her face in her order book.
“So, a secondary contact number?
Ceylon stood awkwardly holding the little girl’s hand. Chispa had just walked up to the little crying girl and then immediately wandered off to find her mom, leaving Ceylon standing with her in case the mother came back. They were very aware of the little girl staring up at them, a little sniffle, “You’re really pretty.” She said and wiped her nose with the back of her sleeve.
“Thank you.” Ceylon said, looking around, maybe the mom is within eyesight?
“Are you a boy or a girl?” The little girl asked, tugging on their hand a little more, Ceylon sighed.
“Neither.” It was always a little disappointing when kids asked, picking up the habit from their parents.
“But… what’s in your pants?” Obviously mimicking her parents. Ceylon winked down at her and pulled out a disk that Chispa wanted them to hold onto for one of her projects- but their pockets were full with all of the other random shiny things Chispa picked up, so in the pants it went.
“Technology.” Ceylon said, not sure if the little girl knew what a DVD or CD was, it was a miracle Chispa had managed to find one fully intact as was.
She looked down, “Ohhhh….” She said, seeming to understand, “Yes, yes…” she stood up straighter, squeezing their hand a little, “I see.” She smiled happily, as if she had solved some great mystery of life at the grand age of five.
Today was a good day.