Tallahassee, FL | April 18 - 20, 2014 | Free Admission
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Tony Nguyen


From Orlando, Florida, Tony Nguyen has been working for FreeCon since FreeCon 7.0, and since after, has directed the past two FreeCon conventions. Undergraduate double-majoring in Marketing and Japanese, Tony is a full-time student, finding time to work on FreeCon after work and school. His organizational philosophy and hard work guides the FreeCon team to success. Tony is in charge of oversight of the entire FreeCon team, as well as the event itself. As president of the Japanese Animation Club of Tallahassee, he hopes to provide the Tallahassee community with an established, annual event for all to enjoy. Tony is also a lead artist, designing the past three FreeCon conventions' mascots, graphic design, website, and stories. On his off time, when he gets the chance, he enjoys playing video games, collecting figures, and sleeping.

Eric Trombetti

Executive & Volunteers Director

From Sebastian, Florida, Eric Trombetti has been working on FreeCon since FreeCon 8. Originally a writer, Eric now heads the Executive Department, having oversight on all the main events, as well as running his own. His positive attitude and energy helps synthesize the FreeCon team. Undergraduate majoring in Editing, Writing, and Media, Eric uses his expertise to lead the Writing Team. As treasurer of the Japanese Animation Club of Tallahassee, Eric also handles financial accounts for FreeCon. From humble beginnings, Eric has always had a place for FreeCon in his heart, stating that working on this event has made it the best convention in Florida for him. Eric enjoys reading manga, cosplaying, and playing video games.

Kristina Rodriguez

Promotions Director

From Miami, Florida, Kristina Rodriguez is the most veteran FreeCon committee member, working on FreeCon since FreeCon 6. As an artist for the FreeCon team, Kristina heads the Promotions Department, micromanaging all marketing and artwork projects that the FreeCon team tackles on. Her cheery personality helps the FreeCon team to gravitate and collaborate. Now a full-time worker at Fast Signs, Kristina uses her mechanical and artistic skills for not just artwork, but the convention cosplays as well. Kristina has always been a loyal fan of FreeCon, and leads the convention towards progressiveness. On her spare time, she enjoys video games, cosplaying, and doing her nails.

Josh Rutkowski

Communications Director

From Coral Springs, Florida, Josh Rutkowski is the newest recruit to the lead FreeCon administration. He has been working on FreeCon since FreeCon 9. Undergraduate majoring in Editing, Writing, and Media, Josh juggles between working on FreeCon and studying to get into the College of Business. As leader of the Communications Department, Josh makes himself accessible to all organizations, clients, and attendees, making sure that everyone is on the same page when the date comes. As vice-president of the Japanese Animation Club of Tallahassee, Josh is second-in-command, alleviating Tony when work gets tough. His light-heartedness and ability to get down to business sets the precedence for FreeCon generations to come. When he's bored, Josh spends his time watching anime, playing Minecraft, and Tumblring.

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