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Morgan Berry Confirmed


FreeCon is now able to warmly welcome it's second media guest from the voice acting industry, Morgan Berry! She holds many roles across various genres of anime, along with her work in video games and web series. Don't be fooled by the fact she's a girl, as many of her leading roles are men characters, both young and adult. With such a scope and talent, we can't wait to see what sort of panels and activities she can be a part of! Check out the Media Guest page for more info.

Second Media Guest


The second headlining Media Guest for FreeCon 14 is on the horizon! They've held leading roles in a lot of anime we love, and you certainly won't want to miss their panels. Here's a teaser image that gives you some clues as to whom we might expect. They can be your hero, or your villain!

Caitlynn French Confirmed


FreeCon's first Media Guest comes in with a bang! Introducing Caitlynn French, whose roles proceed her. If you've never heard OF her, we guarantee you've heard her, playing many fan favorite roles, as a claasic archetype of the petite, cute anime girls which define many a show. Check out the new Media Guests page for more info.

Dates and First Media Guest


Officially, we are proud to announce that this year's FreeCon will be held for a full 3-day weekend, March 23-25, 2018! We can't wait and neither should you, so make sure to stop by all the new tabs added to the website, and certainly make sure to pre-register. Even consider running a panel! Additionally, our first media guest confirmation is around the corner, so here's some hints in the image.

FreeCon 14 Dates Coming


Get hype, the dates for FreeCon 14 are incoming, and fast! We'll be announcing them on Monday, November 6th, once we have proper confirmation from our venue on the details. That's when you'll know, and when the full website, registrations and all, will be live. Check back then!

Maid Cafe Meetings


If you've ever been to our maid cafe, you'll know it's one of the most popular events for a reason. A lot of care and resources go into the maid cafe, and so we always appreciate any interest from the community in joining us to make it happen. There are plently of meetings throughout Fall, and more will come in Spring. You can come to any of these meetings if you'd like to help out, especially in performing! Contact the lead maids with any questions.

Maid Cafe Facebook

Interest Meeting


Every year, FreeCon recruits both students and the general public to help plan and create as a part of it's staff. We'd love to get as many people as are interested to come out and see what it's all about. This year's interest meeting will be held Saturday, October 21st, at 1pm. Details on where to go and how to get there on the event linked below. Being staff isn't the same as volunteering, as staff are able to make creative decisions and have a voice in what we do. Come let yours be heard!

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Website Holdover and Planning


The 14th year of FSU's annual enthusiast convention is upon us! We're very excited to begin planning, and happy to introduce our current holdover site, which we intend to update with the full live site within the month. As of now, FreeCon's first information session for any interested in joining our staff is coming up, if you live in Tallahassee, please consider joining us. More info to come.