9/28 Regular Meeting: Fate/Zero - Union 311B - 7:00pm
Freshman Anime Social
8.29.13 by Tony Nguyen

It's back again! The Freshman Anime Social is coming up next Saturday, and it's going to be bigger than ever before. Come meet us for some games, karaoke, cosplay, drawing contest, tabletop gaming and more. We even have the imported version of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F for everyone to try! You definitely do not want to miss this one.

JACT goes to ALT*Con
4.17.13 by Tony Nguyen

Didn't get your convention fix at FreeCon 9? Well, there's a new convention in town: ALT*Con. Be sure to check out this fantastic science fiction convention at the Leon County Civic Center. You don't wanna miss it!

Mix Meeting: Goemon
4.17.13 by Tony Nguyen

I hope you're ready for a fantastic ninja film by none other than the director of Casshern: Kazuaki Kiriya! You cannot miss this spectacular film!

FreeCon 9
4.17.13 by Tony Nguyen

It's that time of the year again... FreeCon 9 takes off at Florida State University April 5-7th! We don't have a JACT Meeting, so there's no reason why you shouldn't be going! Support all of your fellow members and all of their hard work this weekend.

Mix Meeting: The Children Who Chase Lost Voices
4.17.13 by Tony Nguyen

One of Makoto Shinkai's first feature films finally hits JACT! Join us for The Children Who Chase Lost Voices.

Mix Meeting: Millenium Actress
4.17.13 by Tony Nguyen

JACT will be screening Satoshi Kon's great hit: Millennium Actress. JACT is also not responsible for any psychological damage that this movie inflicts. We also are not making any guarantees that you'll completely understand this movie, so don't get upset.

JACT x MegaCon 2013
2.28.13 by Tony Nguyen
JACT x MegaCon 2013 Facebook Group

Interested in going to MegaCon? Well you should. This is an informational meeting to FINALIZE all carpools, hotels, etc. We will also assemble phone trees, get to know everyone, and just have a good time to make sure that MegaCon 2013 will be the best one yet!

We all know working with such a large group that things can get hectic, confusing, and upsetting, so to make sure everything is perfect, we're going to make sure we get ready for the magic!

**** If you can, PLEASE start contacting with Carpoolers and Hotel Masters before this meeting. It'll make everyone's lives easier. ****

JACT goes to MegaCon Master Doc:


JACT Goes to Wreck-It-Ralph
2.28.13 by Kristina Rodriguez

Oreos, Heroes, Chun-Li, Sonic, Pac Man, Q*bert, and games galore. Come watch this sugartastic, super awesome movie with JACT at the SLC! Can you catch all the references?

Cost is free for FSU students, $5 general admission, and $3 for TFS members.

This is a movie you won't want to miss!

We always sit in the very front row (the best row!) so you can meet us there!

Mix Meeting: Steamboy
2.19.13 by Tony Nguyen

Prepare to go Full Steam Ahead! We got Steamboy this weekend. Get ready for a cinematic masterpiece by legendary director Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira). This steampunk drama set in mid-ninteenth centry England.

Mix Meeting: Avalon
2.06.13 by Tony Nguyen

Hey guys, I know it's kind of short notice, but we finally got our Mix Meetings organized! This Friday we will be watching "Avalon", which is directed by Mamoru Oshii (Ghost in the Shell, Patlabor, Sky Crawlers). The film is a live action special effects film and is dubbed in Polish.

It's a very existential film with a strong video game/military influence. This is one film you don't want to miss (especially you Oshii fans out there)! Check it out this Friday at 7:00pm at the FSU Film School!

JACT Goes to SwampCon!
1.23.13 by Tony Nguyen

JACT went to University of Florida's SwampCon! It was a collaboration between their student organizations and our fellow friends at UF - Gator Anime! It was definitely a blast. Click Here to see some awesome photos that one of our JACT Members, Corinne Summerill took!

Mix Meeting: Casshern
11.15.12 by Tony Nguyen

Next up on our Mix Meeting line-up will be Casshern! Get ready for a cinematic spectacular that will literally blow your mind! We will be screening the uncut original Japanese version.

Godzilla 54th Anniversary Celebration
11.08.12 by Tony Nguyen

Just another reminder that our Godzilla 54th Anniversary Celebration will take place tomorrow! We will be marathoning several Godzilla films starting at 8:30am to 5:00pm at Student Services Building Room 208, and then finishing off with Godzilla Final Wars at 7:00pm in the FSU Film School, University Center A. Be sure to bring some cash, for some awesome prizes and snacks, and get ready for a day of complete Kaijuu mayhem!

Mix Meeting: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
10.16.12 by Tony Nguyen
This Friday, October 19th, we're going to be screening "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time"! Come join us at the FSU Film School (University Center A) at 7:00pm to catch this Madhouse anime spectacular by Mamoru Hosoda (Summer Wars).

Haunted Harvest: Left 4 Evil: Shattered Memories
10.16.12 by Tony Nguyen
We're at it again! It's time for this year's Haunted Harvest. We will be dressing up as hero characters from Resident Evil and Left 4 Dead (1 and 2), teaming up against the villains of Silent Hill! Come join us on November 2nd at our infected outbreak in an abandoned hospital!

10.16.12 by Tony Nguyen
That's right, we've been dying to go to a haunted house, and this year, Castle Dread drops dead onto the Tallahassee Mall. We'll be carpooling at 5:30pm on Thursday, October 25th at the Carloop of Woodward Garage (that is, behind the FSU Bookstore). Please come out from the dead and get ready for a scare!

Admission prices are $10 at the door!

JACT Goes to Fan:dom Con!
10.16.12 by Tony Nguyen
The first convention this year is coming up: Fan:dom Convention! This year, Fan:dom will be held on October 26th - 27th. We'll be carpooling on October 25th, getting a hotel room, and staying until Saturday night.

If you are thinking about going, PLEASE ATTEND the October 20th JACT Regular Meeting.

Godzilla: 54th Anniversary Celebration
10.16.12 by Tony Nguyen
The Japanese Animationi Club of Tallahassee is ready to send you on trip to Japan, that is, if you can survive the barrage of classic Japanese cinema giant monsters! Join us as we take a trip back in time to see the rise and fall of the iconic Japanese legend: Godzilla, hosted by yours truely, giving you the cultural insight from the Japanese perspective and the American translation.

Friday, November 9th. 8:30am - 5:00pm (Yes, you read right. We'll be watching 8+ hours of Godzilla...non-stop)

Oh yeah, and we will be screening Godzilla: Final Wars right after at 7:00pm-9:00pm. That's 10+ hours of Godzilla in your veins. CAN YOU HANDLE IT?!

FreeCon 9 Administrator Informational
10.16.12 by Tony Nguyen
This Saturday, October 20th at 3:00pm in Union 311B will be our first FreeCon 9 Meeting. Learn about the theme & mascot, administrator positions, and fill out application forms. Come with questions, because we'll answer them all! Also feel free to bring a snack with you, since the meeting will be three hours long (I'm not kidding).

Mix Meeting: Oblivion Island: Haruka and the Magic Mirror
10.03.12 by Tony Nguyen

Mix Meetings are back! This week we're watching Oblivion Island: Haruka and the Magic Mirror. Don't miss out on this CGI spectacular by Production I.G.!

JACT Goes to Tallahassee's "Experience Asia" Festival!
10.03.12 by Tony Nguyen

You guys interested in Asian culture? Come on out to the Bloxham and Lewis Parks (downtown, on the intersection of Monroe and Gaines St.). You can find more information here:


They will be having all sorts of cultural performances and a lot of delicious food from all over Tallahassee!

JACT Goes to Club Downunder's Kawaii Event!
9.27.12 by Tony Nguyen

Hey guys, Club Downunder is having a Kawaii Event going on! Please be sure to come by and support them with your ultra-uguu-kawaiiness!

There will be Lucy & Leo's cupcakes, Hiro's Boba Tea station, DDR Dance Station, and Green Screen Photo Booth!

JACT will be doing Kawaii-catures and Make-a-Kawaii at our table! Come check us out!

JACT Movie "Pilgrimage": The Avengers
9.27.12 by Tony Nguyen

If aren't familiar yet, a "Pilgrimage" is where we see just about every showing (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (if you hate us)) back-to-back-to-back-to-back. That's right. Are you up to see the Avengers at least four times in a row? We are!

Be sure to COME EARLY. By early, we mean like, 2 hours early. We usually sit in the front row, so be sure to catch us there!

JACT, Assemble!

JACT Movie Night: Battle Royale
9.13.12 by Tony Nguyen

Sorry for the late heads-up, but the SLC will be showing Battle Royale in the Phantom Theater at midnight on Friday! Be sure to show up early to catch some sweet seats. We'll all be there, so make sure you catch us!

For more information, check this out:

Freshman Anime Social
8.15.12 by Tony Nguyen

Hey guys! Fall Semester is rolling around, and of course, the Japanese Animation Club is back in action ready to give you guys another awesome dose of Anime! The Freshman Anime Social has returned, and we're inviting everyone, whether you're a seasoned-vet of JACT or a newbie on campus! Don't be shy, come on down to the Freshman Anime Social to make new friends and check our club out! We'll have fun activities for both new and old members.

The event will be held at Student Services Building Room 208 at 7:00pm. Be sure to invite your friends! Cosplay and portable video games are encouraged, but not necessary.

More details to come, so stay tuned!

Mix Meeting: Appleseed Ex Machina
3.27.12 by Tony Nguyen

Another Mix Meeting! This week we'll be watching Appleseed Ex Machina. Prepare for high-speed robot action in this exciting CGI cyberpunk film! Directed by the legendary Shinji Aramaki and martial arts director John Woo.

Attendance also counts towards Japanese Culture Credit!

FreeCon 8 Volunteers needed!
3.11.12 by Tony Nguyen

Hey guys, we need your help! FreeCon 8 needs volunteers! Please come support us by joining our Facebook group to get updates on FreeCon meetings and announcements! Support FreeCon 8 today!

Mix Meeting: Vexille
3.11.12 by Tony Nguyen

Heads up! We've got another Mix Meeting for ya! This one takes place in 2077, where Japan has isolated itself from the world. When tensions rise, US Navy special warfare unit known as SWORD investigates. Little do they know that they're about to entire a high-speed action packed techno battle between man and machine! Don't miss out on this hidden gem!

Mix Meeting: Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
2.20.12 by Tony Nguyen

This time we will be watching Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind by none other than the amazing Hayao Miyazaki. Join us as we watch this classic anime!

Mix Meeting: Summer Wars
2.8.12 by Tony Nguyen

What's this? Another Mix Meeting? That's right, this time we're watching Summer Wars. It's like Digimon, only more ridiculous.

Mix Meeting: Redline
2.1.12 by Tony Nguyen

Here it is -- our first Mix Meeting of the Spring 2012 Semester! This week we'll be watching Redline. Hope to see you all there!

JACT x Megacon
1.30.12 by Tony Nguyen

After years of war and conflict, JACT breaches the waters of Orlando once again to fight its arch nemesis: Megacon! Between revenge-driven nuclear reptilian and battle-armored missile-equipped walking-death-mobile, this battle will shake Florida like no other!

JACT will be having a meeting for this epic battle this Saturday (February 4th, after the JACT meeting). Be sure to subscribe to our event (on the left) for updates. We will be discussing carpools and departure times, as well as hotel rates.

We'll see you there! FOR GREAT JUSTICE!!

JACT Presents: Christmas Party!!!
11.29.11 by Tony Nguyen

Once again, the JACT Christmas Party returns! This year we’ll have fried chicken and all sorts of fun, silly, holiday games! For those who want to participate in White Elephant, be sure to bring a gift for an anonymous friend that’s under $10. See you there! We'll also be watching Tokyo Godfathers, so don't miss out!

Mix Meeting: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
11.29.11 by Tony Nguyen

Surprise! We've got one last Mix Meeting for the semester! This week we'll be screening Final Fantasy VII Advent Children.

This computer generated animation takes place two years after Final Fantasy VII. This time, Cloud Strife is back in action. But is it for the children? For a memory? Or is it... for himself?

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wut2am39z-c

Screening Time:
Dec. 2 (Fri)

Mix Meeting: Godzilla Final Wars
11.15.11 by Tony Nguyen

"This operation will decide the fate of the human race. This is operation Final War." - Captain Gordon

Celebrating Godzilla's 57th Birthday, JACT will be watching Godzilla's swan song movie: Godzilla Final Wars. Featuring 12 iconic monsters, kung fu motorcycle action, a techno-pumped soundtrack, and a full blooded American with a hefty mustache and katana who commands a giant mecha submarine with a giant drill. This is one Godzilla movie you cannot miss!

Screening Time:
Nov. 18 (Fri)

Mix Meeting: Interstella 5555 & Endless Waltz
11.03.11 by Francisco Santa-Ana

We will be watching Interstella 5555 and Gundam Wing Endless Waltz! Come on by and enjoy the films!

Screening Time:
Nov. 4 (Fri)
7:00pm (Interstella 5555)
8:00pm (Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz)

JACT Presents: Halloween Party!
10.23.11 by Tony Nguyen

Our next meeting will be a Halloween Party! Feel free to dress up and join us! Our party will be a potluck, so be sure to bring some food if you want to eat! This meeting will be a little longer than usual, but we'll start at 7pm as always. Our meeting will be held in the JACT Office. For those who do not know where that is, it is the third floor of the Oglesby Union, in the building labeled "Student Activities Center" (It's across from the Chili's). Don't worry; we'll have an officer outside to help you find it!

JACT Movie Night: Captain America: The First Avenger
10.23.11 by Tony Nguyen

Yup. We're doing it again. Captain America: The First Avenger will be showing this weekend, October 27(Thurs)-28(Fri) at the Student Life Cinema. Of course, we're going to be there all four screenings. Meet us up to catch this awesome summer blockbuster! We'll be in the front row, as always. Can't wait to see what inside jokes we come up with this time around!

For more information about the screening, click here.

Movie Times:
Oct. 27 + 28(Thur + Fri)
7:00pm + 10:00pm

Yarr! We Won the Booty!
10.23.11 by Tony Nguyen

Thank you all for participating for this years Haunted Harvest. This year, we won, yet again, second place! That's a $250 gift card to Walmart! Our zombie pirate ship was a huge success, and our games and caricatures were more than popular! We hope you all had a fun experience, and of course, we're definitely looking forward to next year's Haunted Harvest. Don't forget, we're going to celebrate with an awesome JACT Halloween Party next Saturday! Don't miss out!

Of course, you can check out photos of the event by clicking here.

Haunted Harvest
10.16.11 by Tony Nguyen

FSU will be hosting their annual Haunted Harvest event, and as always, we'll be participating in it this year! The event will take place on Friday, October 21 at 8:30pm to 10:30pm. Our theme this year is Pirate Zombies. We are constructing an elaborate set and need a lot of help!

We need people who can construct and paint throughout the entire week. On the day of, we need a lot of volunteers and artists! You must, of course, appear in pirate attire. We've got face paint if you need to get Zombied-Up!

Please visit the Facebook link on the left to contact us. We will be keeping constant updates on that page.

JACT Goes to Sam Goody's Animania!
10.16.11 by Tony Nguyen

Sam Goody will be hosting their "Animania" event at the Tallahassee Mall. They will have a Cosplay Contest, Anime Trivia, Buy One Get One Half Off Anime products, and a lot more.

We will get in contact with them if they would like volunteers, but if not, it would still be awesome if we went!

Once again, if you can provide carpool for members to this event, please let us know!

JACT Goes to Fan:dom Con!
10.16.11 by Tony Nguyen

It's decided! JACT will be attending fan:dom Con! It is held at the University of West Florida, in Pensacola. Admission is free if you volunteer (and $5 if you don't). We intend on staying the night of Friday, November 11th, and then attending the convention all day on November 12th.

Our fellow JACT member Joseph Bartholomew will be able to get us nice hotel rates at $40 a room. Since the rooms will be limited to just one bed a room (and a sofa-bed for some), please assemble small parties of friends you don't mind sharing a room with!

If you intend on coming along, please let us know right away so we can begin planning the trip.

Also, if you can provide carpool for other members, please let us know!

Those planning on being Volunteers must fill out Volunteer forms. Please contact us for more information.

For more information about the convention, visit: Fan:Dom Con Official Website

Mix Meeting: Howl's Moving Castle
10.10.11 by Joseph O'Shea

Come join us and watch Howl's Moving Castle Friday October 14th at 7pm at the Film School's Mix Theater (That is in University Center A, which is at the Stadium). Reminder, no food fireworks or helicopters!

JACT Movie Night: The Thing
10.10.11 by Joseph O'Shea

Come join us as we watch The Thing on Friday midnight at the Student Life Cinema.

JACT Movie Night: X-Men First Class
09.28.11 by Greg Maxwell

Join JACT for their first Movie Night at the SLC! We will be watching X-Men First Class, one of the summer's hottest blockbuster.

JACT will be attending all four showings of X-Men First Class on September 29th and the 30th. Feel free to join us at either the 7:00 PM or 10:15 PM showing. Look for us near the beginning of the line at the 7:15 PM showing, or as we exit the theater in preparation for the 10:15 PM showing. RSVP on Facebook, and let us know what showing you'll be attending.

First JACT Meeting!
09.04.11 by Tony Nguyen

Mark your calendars, the first JACT Meeting of the Fall Semester is on September 10th from 7pm to 10pm. The location has changed from the good old Student Life Center. This semester, we will be holding our meetings in Union Room 311C. Just go up to the third floor of the Union where the Senate Chambers is, and walk to the end of the hall. We should be hanging out in the back.

This semester, we've got an impressive lineup of original and awesome anime! We will be voting for and watching our Regulars for the semester, so don't miss out!

FreeCon 8
09.04.11 by Tony Nguyen

It's official! FreeCon 8 will be held at Florida State University on April 6-8, 2012. We will be doing the grand reveal on our first JACT meeting, so don't miss it!

JACT Renovations and Website Facelift
09.04.11 by Tony Nguyen

JACT is about to get even more awesome! We're working on inovative renovations for JACT to keep our meetings fresh and hip. The website is also getting a nice graphical facelift, and we'll be updating it with more relevant information. Look forward to it!

Freshmen Anime Social
09.04.11 by Tony Nguyen

Hey guys! We've got an awesome party coming up this Friday! We're inviting all newbies to party it up at our first Freshmen Anime Social. Hope to see you all there!

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